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The main advantage offered by Crystalens over a traditional, monofocal lens implant is the opportunity to become less dependent on reading glasses for near activities. Since the lens is monofocal, the light can only be bent to one focus point at a time. You may have stress due to your lifestyle too, which needs to be well managed in a healthy way. My disrupted and reduced sleep is making me stressed. There are some possibilities that you are not taking your diet in time or your diet may not be nutritious as per your requirements.

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After my lunch my tiredness starts again. Also, if the ciliary muscles and zonules that attach to the lens capsule are in particularly poor condition, the procedure may be ineffective. When the muscle relaxes, the lens returns to its original position so that you see things in the distance clearly.

Hence, the Crystalens is called an accommodating lens, and can provide both near and distance focus. It is never easy to accommodate to social change. We looked for a hotel to accommodate the extra guests. But since last week I am not able to sleep well. You can meet your doctor, as any increase in stress due to sleep deprivation can raise the chances of episodes to return back.

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The Crystalens accomplishes this by use of two small hinges, which allow the lens to move forward and backward slightly inside the eye. Following surgery, you will be able to see at multiple distances. With the help of the medicines my episodes has come down. It is also important that your vision be stable for six months prior to your surgery, and that you have no history of eye disease other than cataracts.

This may increase the tiredness. Those without cataracts who had good vision before presbyopia set in are also excellent candidates. Most patients choosing a monofocal lens choose to have good distance focus, and use reading glasses to help with near vision tasks. Activities that were once easily enjoyed without glasses, such as reading or sewing, now require a pair of reading glasses always be available. And changes related to age may continue to affect your vision.

It may take a several months for final results to appear. As such, the proper lens choice is a matter of personal fit for a patient. Crystalens accommodating lens When light enters a monofocal lens, it is bent to a focus point.

Even my friends say that I am well as compared to previous years. In addition, it is imperative that you have realistic expectations. My mind is getting confused now and i am losing on my focus. Check out the following video to learn more, or continue reading about Crystalens risks, costs and candidacy.

This can also be due to your stress. In contrast, the Crytstalens incorporates both distance and near capability into a single lens by its ability to change from distance to near power while inside the eye. For people frustrated by the need for reading glasses, multifocal lenses offer a good alternative. My mood is good and stable. Your surgeon can help you decide which lens may be best for you.