We doff our caps to the S

Accommodating synonyms for said

It was as if someone reached down with a sewing needle and stitched my soul to hers. The insect pointed a leg at me. It can accommodate as many as ten people.

But their conception of decoration did not extend to the landscape. We ask them to sit, stay, smell peasant, practice abstinence, and be accommodating. Life remains as fragile and unpredictable as ever.

Petersen did not experience the flow of time in the same way that I did during those last sixteen months. This was not so much from indolence, the Bishop thought, as from an inherited caution and respect. Later, four large buildings, accommodating twenty thousand at a time without any trouble.

The insect pointed

One does not have to be evil to be hated. And that works all the way from the external trappings to the level of metaphor, subtext, and the way one uses words. That is how the world works. The novel should be understood as a structure built to accommodate the greatest possible amount of cool stuff. Whatever would happen to her would happen to me.

Help me learn to forget about myself and my accomplishments. See which airlines, cruise companies and hotels are accommodating gluten-free travelers. Each sex has a relation to madness. If I have to bar the door, I will.

It was as if

It teaches the heart to be more accommodating, not by beating it into submission, but by making it clear that accommodation is a gratifying choice. The more stuff you try to force into it, the less accommodating time becomes. This room, set up to accommodate about twenty workers, was nearly full. Only free man are genuinely useful to one another and can form true friendships.