It only has three episodes

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Matapobre's nephews and nieces at the end of the special sketch. But if someone won, they can be released. The show experienced a resurfacing in the late and is broadcast once a month. Taiko Parody of the famous workout Tae-Bo.

San Lazaro portrayedDaddy Dearest An obvious parody as

As his name implies, he hates mannerisms of low-class people. But at the end of the sketch, it is revealed that Mr. Engkantodo Parody version of Encantadia requel. Becaus of its popularity, their characters became their nicknames.

San Lazaro portrayed by Diego Llorico. Daddy Dearest An obvious parody as well as a teaser for the then-upcoming drama-comedy My Daddy Dearest. Features a local band named Onyx.

Because of its popularity, their characters became their nicknames. There was running gag in which the song was being interrupted by the squatters. This also happens during the opening or before the closing of the show wherein the segment is reformatted in a daring game format.

They both wear black pants and glasses as well. Wendell Ramos plays their love interest, a boy next door with a Justin Bieber -inspired hairdo. The title is also a pun of the phenomenal tandem AlDub only shown once and two days before Christmas. As the title says, the sketch is a talent show for prisoners.

Benjo said to forget about it and reconcile, focus in the match, and listen to every move he says. Comically it used the opening theme of the anime Voltes V as both its opening and closing song. About a rich gal who loiters the nearby pool who always encounters her rivals.