Liars and cheats are a turn off

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Good luck with your

Good luck with your search. Born and raised in Brisbane, I drive buses and coaches full time. Is not dependent on drugs nor alcohol. That's enough about me and if you have similar interests you should msg me and we can take it from there.

Like people who make me curious to learn more about them, always keep me guessing. Looking for a lady who acts like one when out.

Slightly lonely and heartbroken but not looking for anyone to fill in the gaps. Catching up with family and friends.

Everyone says so but it's intangible. Love camping, bush walking, photography, working with my hands on repairing inventing things, but am a deep thinker too. In my downtime, watch a new series on Netflix, or just running, weights, being outdoors. Just as long as your not a serial killer. Someone who would like to see this big country with me and put up with my quirks as I would put up with his.

To be caring and romantic would be a bonus. Currently caring for my mother, I appreciate Honesty, humour, faithfulness and caring nature in people. You can ask me what im interestes in when we meet, if we do meet.

Born and raised in

While at the same time have a funny, entertaining, very sociable personality. Love wining and dining and spoiling that special someone and constantly surprising them. Love the outdoors whetever fo a walk in the park a day at the beach I prefer to swim in the river then the ocean, love going on road trips in the country. Have a new outlook and new lease on life, and keen to explore the new world that awaits me. Someone that is honest, loyal, affectionate, loving accept me for who I am.

Loves to dance and sing or is just happy. Also enjoys travelling and is worldly and educated. One who enjoys a coffee n a chat. Playing ten-pin bowling for fun. Not real keen on going to the pub either unless it's for dinner.

New challenges, experiencing things for the first time. Ideal partner has to be themselves no one clibs the wings of a buterfly.