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Badoo nigeria dating scammers

Pretends to work as a salesman of chemical products. Put a photo of them in Google images and you will be surprised what you find as I was. He said that he was born in New York to a Scottish mother and a Spanish father. He will try to scam you soon after chatting to you.

Put a photo of them in

Anonymous On badoo all men are liars and scammers. Quickly got a message from a man saying he is Irish, living in New York. Also they say they are from your country, they work as engineers on oil rigs, or they work in the mines. Anonymous A man called Patrick Alexsander chatted to me on Badoo.

Pretends to work as a salesman

He will get you on kik and whatsapp as soon as possible. Ladies don't be fooled by his lies and illusions. He asked me to ask my friends to find the money for him as he didn't want to lose his dad. He says he's grown very fond of me, even sends me flowers to my home with a gift and then tells me he has won a contract and is going out of the country to South Africa. Women beware of attractive businessmen who appear overly anxious to start relationships, make lots of promises then ask you for financial favors.

His photo does not match his italian european accent. The man that was Irish and said he won a contract in south Africa.

Anonymous From Denmark originally so he claims. That he can do his job by finding other resources available to him there. His attitude seeminly changes to one of a harsh one, cold and somewhat callous and although I am not for sure he is scamming me, I feel that he more than likely is. They give you photos that look good, they want you to send sexy photos, and they are becoming highly educated.