Walt might be setting a trap

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Walt meets Saul andYou have officially been Heisenberg'd

He throw the gas can away in a neighbor's trash bin, but then realizes his story is not yet complete. You arrange where to meet.

It's all because you are looking for the right person to settle down and have a family with. Walter White justified the creation of a drug empire in the name of his family and all it left him in the end was an estranged wife and a son who no longer loved his once idolized father.

Walt takes off everything he's wearing and douses his clothes with gasoline. Walt blames the living room odor on a faulty gas station pump that drenched him in gasoline. Walt was just there to talk after all. Jesse is in a state of shock, with red flooded eyes, he can hardly flee when he does. Hank checks the voicemail and listens to Walt's message, a plan already forming in his mind.

She admits that she hasn't been sleeping or eating, just staying up late researching deadly poisons on the internet. Walt admits that Jesse tried to burn down their house, but promises that Jesse would never truly hurt anyone. You promise the Jesse within you that nobody else has to get hurt, but know deep down inside it's inevitable. Marie interrupts, and asks if having Jesse there will be bad for Walt.

You start lying to your friends and family about your dating life. He retrieves the gas can and sloshes liquid all over the driver's seat of his precious car. More innocent singles will suffer. Gus politely demurs, saying the chemist responsible wouldn't make a suitable partner due to other considerations.

He cautiously enters the house, gun at the ready. Gale asks Gus about the blue had being vulnerable by chemist Walter Rafting Bryan Cranstonwho is not yet go onlline Gus.

You have officially been Heisenberg'd. Walt meets Saul and Kuby in the hotel parking lot and learns that Jesse is still at large.

You determine the terms of the first date. Joshua Pompey provides dating advice to men and women around the world. Afterward, Gomez tells Hank privately that he believes Jesse, but agrees that they have no physical evidence against Walt. The years of destruction, exhaustion and lies have taken all taken their toll and begin to come crumbling down around you. You end your journey a damaged person, but feeling truly alive for the first time.