Let the complexity ensure

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Nothing earth shattering but acceptable. Even when not in a mecha suit, the characters also show various degree of military experience such as usage of firearms, explosives, and art of deception. The only moments his voice seems to come to life is during arguments he has with Dio and concern for Hina. Furthermore, we also have Fromm, another supporting character that exploit the princely figure that people seems to idolize. Yet, to dismiss it entirely as cliche should be an overstatement.

It negates a sense of embellishment for what the war has already created. Of course, Aoba remains clueless about everything goes on, probably in the same state as the viewers. What we still hope for are answers to these questions.

The results often serves as evidence to its performance. Despite having no military experience in the beginning, he listens to every word that Hina has to say and even attempts to save her like the way she is trying to save him. In other words, it can shift quickly and simply depending on its scenario.

Despite the serious nature and warfare dedication of the series, there are moments for lighthearted scenarios. Yet, they all somehow get connected in the story not through a coincidental match up but rather through fate. Hopefully the second season will answer questions of complexity in the eye of the hurricane. But the more complex part is what goes on in that future. After all, these concepts are complex by origins and even with cliches formulates a story for thought.

Of course, Hina is there again but this time is seemingly confused by her own identity. Everything comes out as cryptic and plays you around like a jigsaw puzzle. On the other hand, the environment as well as the battlefield of the series can feel to be quite stale and generic. On the other hand, Aoba stands out as dull with nothing distinguishing to write home about. It also allows viewers to formulate their own theories and see if their predictions are valid in this typhoon of complexity.

Instead, we are introduced to a Hina fighting for the Zogilia Republic as a loyal soldier. The only clues from the beginning are from the mysterious girl named Hina.

Let the complexity ensure. Nonetheless, it is consistent by Sunrise standards with its portrayal.

The show does offer a hook, to draw viewers into its story especially with so many questions. At the apex of the story, we also find the mysterious pilot that came from the future to kill Aoba. It brings back the time travel trope with the story as the show likes to pander around with secrets and revelations. Sunrise built its studio on this foundation and presents Buddy Complex with a mixture of its ideas.

For instance the romance subplot between

Although it sheds away some of the more tragic moments and brings out a different side, it follows a standard direction of witless context. For instance, the romance subplot between Aoba and Mayuka, another member of the alliance, often comes out as cheesy.

Although it sheds