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He was a very sweet man, Monty, very emotional. And you know that's the best job in town. Scott and Brando won, and refused, Oscars for the roles. Kennedy at the White House. The annual poll of movie exhibitors ranks the top stars in terms of box-office drawing power.

Well, when we started, I couldn't stop my knees from shaking. Cool even when Gary Cooper shoots him. By the end of the shoot however, the crews loved him and hated to see him go, despite his complaints. Some of his friends had told him he would be making a big mistake.

He believed his vocal chords were damaged after tubes were inserted down his throat during the operation. Of those, only From Here to Eternity is a winner in the category. Lancaster laughed off the idea, suggesting they would need Kirk Douglas in the film as well.

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Even more surprisingly, his friend and co-star Kirk Douglas never made the list during his career. He was stationed in Italy for much of the war. Then I worked hard toward becoming a good actor.

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Over-the-top, yes, but never less than mesmerizing. The producer insisted on a box office star to justify the lavish production's high budget and essentially forced Visconti to accept Burt Lancaster. It's better just to be talented. One of Burt Lancaster's demands was that a high bar be set up on sets and locations so he could perform acrobatics and stay in shape. Hurt won a Best Actor Oscar as Molina.