Carla abellana and tom dating

Carla abellana and tom dating

Carla explained they are both scared to add a label to their relationship. This show is awaited by fans for its intriguing story ad well as the comedy flavor that was put. Carla said Tom is still allowed to date others. But, fans should not get their hopes up as Carla thinks it would not happen anytime soon.

Since they have been togetherAside from that

She belongs there, and she's happy to work with the same people. Let us hope for the best for Carla and Tom. It was Tom who first admitted courting Carla, however, Carla later on revealed that they are exclusively dating.

But of course, Carla said that as long as the baby is healthy, she will be happy and thankful to whatever God blesses her with. She's just happy now that she can get to know Tom better off-cam. But as for her, Carla said it's not her attitude to date others while she's dating someone special to her. Instagram According to the actress, they have been doing their best to prepare both of them financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Instagram For now however, Carla is focusing on building her dream home before she settles down in the near future. For instance, Carla is focusing on doing business as she recently franchised a new business. They earlier admitted to liking and dating each other.

Since they have been together for four years, a lot of people started wondering on when will the two plans on getting married. Aside from that, Carla is also busy in her new show Pamilya Roces. It's still up to him since they are in officially a couple. Although they are ready, there are still a lot of things that they are busy doing now in their respective lives.

Fans will be delighted to know that two of their favorite Kapuso stars will sooner or later end up together for real. They have been together since and until now they are still full of love for each other. But this does not mean that they are not taking each other seriously.

Carla still wants assurance that this is something serious for the both of them. She has no problem working with other artists, of course, because it offers variety to the viewers. Also, the actress said that even though she values family over career, she would still try her best to maintain her career in showbiz while taking care of her family.

There are no pressures and no expectations in their relationship, and that's better for both of them. From being a love team in the hit television show my My Destiny, the two later on developed feelings towards one another and became a couple afterwards. The actress also said that she might be a strict mom because she admired the way her grandmother raised her.

Carla will soon work in a new teleserye. However, she added that there is still no specifics regarding on when and where they will be getting married. She's going to start taping for it this summer. They haven't even talked about it yet, and they are just going with the flow and making things happen as they are. This means that the two stars already started talking about the possibility of them getting married.