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Photographs by Carol Joynt. The mail arrived every six months and my grandmother, based on Manhattan Island, would send Christmas presents a year early.

Muth had no power, but craved it, and planted himself in scenarios that made it seem he had power. Clarence Day was also a long-time contributor to the New Yorker and wrote sometimes under the pen name, B. The morning after at The Inn, quite an exceptional view from the Thomas Keller suite. But she quickly fell for the charismatic Howard, a man-about-town who owned Nathans, a popular restaurant in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.

He talked the talk as if he studied the performance before a mirror. Muth done up as an Iraqi general in an undated photo.

They lived in Georgetown in a small block across from a gas station, in a house where the curtains were always drawn. She had family nearby, and I knew and liked them, and their nearness likely bolstered her, but still Albrecht had a strange power over her. Since Howard had run the restaurant himself, Carol knew nothing about it, and soon found herself up against dishonest employees, inept managers, barroom fights, and declining revenues. He suggested it be made into a film with Leo DiCaprio playing him.

Muth and Drath were regulars at Milano. Carol and Howard are unusual because of their high profile and considerable assets. Viola seemed a woman of intelligence and pride but who had made a pact with the devil, knew it, was trapped in a nightmare, and saw no way out. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

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As any of us who encountered Muth here in Georgetown can attest, he was already a movie star in his own mind. They get caught up in the top tier, the power and the myths of power, and the people who have it and run the town, and miss the fringe, the sad, ambitious underside. The Georgetown kitchen as it looks today. At the time it was Paul who was the foodie and he introduced his wife to the love of food.

He adopts a persona and sticks with it for a couple of years, and then he gets tired of it and abandons it. If he made your acquaintance and was interested, the email messages flowed. Clearly she had his number.