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Give me your twist on magic, urban or high fantasy. Chapter books or early readers are not for me. Needs to be highly commercial. Wall plaque commemorating Sir Harry Johnston in St.

The lower-case typeface used for the Latin quote below is not presently recognised. Red Sofa Literary Sometimes the best ideas are associated with a red couch.

Make me sleep with the lights on and marvel at your creepy word choice. Give me something fresh and well researched. Bring on your new planets and aliens of all sorts. Her friendship with Bill Clinton made Monica Lewinsky jealous. Realizing that the best ideas come via engaging conversations and over good coffee, while sometimes relaxing in a colorful lounger.

Think early Stephen King mixed with Gillian Flynn. Prose matters to me here, but as always, the characters are paramount. Our mission is to celebrate a life of reading and geek culture, where brains always win over the brawn.

Give me your twist onChapter books or

Even better if mixed and matched with other genres. Give me a quest, give me steadfast friendships, give me insightful, magical parallels with the real world, and make me laugh. For the past several years, she had a radio show in Minnesota.

After surgery she returned to work. Bonus points if female driven. Red Sofa Literary is the celebration of the quirky, eclectic ideas in our exciting literary community. Pre-Thunder, Mondale had a brief fling last fall with rocker Don Henley. Attraction can happen instantly, but intimacy takes time.

Prefers smart, literary writing disguised as adventures. Give me a unique kingdom or city to conquer, and I will be your greatest champion. My tastes lean away from contemporary in this genre, and more toward fantasy, speculative, science-fiction, or magical realism. But I am not the right agent to represent so-called Issue Books.

These books above all else must absolutely be character-driven. Must be feminist, have verbal consent throughout, and feature an independent, smart heroine. In the Anglo-Saxon era Poling, like most coastal villages, had outlying areas of land in the Weald forest within Sussex used for summer grazing and timber production.