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My accountability partner is a friend at work. Knowing I will have to do this really makes me think twice before crossing boundaries. Often people find confidence in their pastor since he is spiritually mature and can empathize and pray with them.

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The boundaries are not the same. Here are ten great questions to use with your Christian accountability partner. If we really are serious about honoring God in this aspect of the relationship, it calls for serious measures to be taken. Maybe you already know your schedule for the upcoming week and know that there will be battles forthcoming. Being able to share these blessings is further proof that you have spent time with God.

If you have a godly thought life and are growing spiritually then you should not be embarrassed to live openly what is inside you. The internet can be an incredibly powerful thing. Another word for this is accountability. Verbalizing it will help you see that it is often poor choices that you made to skip this important activity. Tweet Having an accountability partner will help you when trying to overcome specific sins or to grow spiritually mature in certain areas.

Living right and godly at home is the proof of your spiritual maturity. If you are not faithful to this activity, be honest with your accountability partner and let them know. There are certainly many more questions that could be asked.

We are never meant to overcome these things alone. These are just suggested questions.

They can only pray for you when they know your needs. An accountability partner can be your spouse or a trusted friend. Regularly spending time with God will result in a greater love for the Bible.

Allow your partner to encourage you in the right way. You and your friend should use these to start a list of questions that are specific to your own needs. There may be a client you will meet with who tends to put you in compromising situations.