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They are considerably less bulky than speed loaders, though somewhat slower to use. They also conceal much better. Having been in production for so long, the gun has become quite an icon.

Reproductions of the gun have been popular with many cap-and-ball black powder competitors in cowboy action shooting. This is not a combat rig, after all, and I do not wear a duty belt, or load bearing gear when I am going about my daily business. Actually, if I were to get new grips for this gun today, I would probably go with more of a reverse wedge style.

They are reputedly less well fitted than earlier series. The engraving on the cylinder depicted the battle of the Rangers with the Comanches at Walker Creek when the Colt Paterson was first used in battle by the Rangers.

Like all Colt revolvers, the fit and finish are impeccable. Soon afterwards, the grip of the Cobra was shortened, resulting in the Colt Agent.

With a few modifications a new. Modern Winchesters, Marlins and replicas have remedied this omission almost years after the fact, and the. As a matter of fact, the entire revolver line seems to have disappeared from Colt's offerings to the public. For those who might find the carrying of speedloaders to be too bulky, there are speed strips, which are simply strips of plastic or rubber, with cutouts for cartridges.

The only exception to this, is the Colt Single Action Army, of cowboy fame. It should not be confused with the old Colt Commando, produced in the forties, and equipped with a four inch barrel. In his article, Stroud included an evaluation of the pistol's performance which indicated that the Walker was as effective as a common rifle at yards. These early conversions included the first, but not-too-successful, Thuer conversion, and the very successful Richards and Richards-Mason conversions which followed.

Reproductions of the gun have been

The gun was used by and did became popular for some of the Texas Rangers in the Mexican War. This gun did not last too long in the marketplace.

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