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She begins a love triangle with Kyle and Zoe and becomes more desperate for the throne. She and Quentin agree on burning Myrtle at the stake for the alleged blinding of Cordelia. Misty has demonstrated telekinetic abilities and has also been observed manifesting in other areas at will, potentially demonstrating teleportation ability.

During his coma, he is able to talk to both God and Nan. He is then later heavily injured when she flips their bus. She tells Zoe that Fiona killed Madison so that she could get her life force and help her remain as the incumbent Supreme and that they have to work together to kill Fiona for good. She showed extreme dedication and loyalty to the Coven and her students. He is later summoned by Fiona, who offers her soul in exchange for eternal youth, willing to do anything for it.

The Supreme says that she knew about her missing and her eventual death and narrates her visit at Hotel Cortez to free her spirit. Afterwards, Cordelia resurrects Zoe, proving herself as the next Supreme, and her sight is restored after she passes all of the Seven Wonders.

She begins a loveShe and Quentin agree on burning

Cordelia refuses, saying that it would surely condemn the boy to death, as it did to witch Misty Day. It is unknown if she was killed or present at the voodoo massacre. Myrtle is a Guardian of Veracity in the Vernacular, which means she has the ability to know when the truth is being told and can detect lies. She gives her fellow fearful sisters a speech about being not only powerful Salem descendants, but also suffragettes and that they will not be afraid of him in their own home.

He is killed by Fiona, who slices his neck with an axe. Obsessed and depressed with Kyle's death, Zoe brings about his eventual resurrection. Cordelia touches Madison's arm while looking for Delphine at the academy and has visions of Madison's murder at the hands of Fiona.

They chant a spell, and The Axeman disappears. As she exits the building along with the two witches, in the distance, she sees Michael, accompanied by resurrected witches Queenie and Madison. Cordelia shows the silver bullet to Fiona and expresses the need for Fiona now that they are under attack by witch hunters.