This includes name calling

Dating a guy with an autistic child

Anti- vaccination articles will not be allowed. Many on the spectrum also have different needs when it comes to sensory input, touch specifically.

Every relationship has its difficulties

Every relationship has its difficulties, and every one is unique to the involved individuals. They may become upset if that schedule or plan is altered in some way, especially without a timely warning. Dating can be complex and difficult, and when you add autism to the mix, it can bring a new set of unique challenges. Most autistic individuals prefer to have a schedule or a plan for upcoming activities.

No scientific information has yet to prove this. No one wants to see their loved one hurting.

There are more people who will see it there and it would probably do more to increase awareness over there but feel free to link to it here. Steer clear of continuing to do this over a period of time. We can all learn so much from each other. Both people need to be able to honestly speak their minds about a given situation or activity.

They may become upset

Legitimate health articles with proven scientific research will be allowed. This includes name calling. Often, those of us on the spectrum have difficulties carrying out social norms in romantic relationships.

Harmful pseudo-scientific cures and posts will not be allowed and the user will be banned. In my experience, autism has a way of altering these difficulties.

Submissions will be deleted and could lead to a ban after warnings. No self promoting without mod approvel. Its helpful to consider consent to the person you are posting the image of. He is kind, intelligent and compassionate.