Working hard has become a habit

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So she wishes him well and starts to walk away, whereupon he calls her back. He shuffles away and wonders where the boys are. Arang even tells Moo-jin to half-ass the job.

Byunghoon gets to the baseball field

Byung-hoon mutters to himself that Seung-pyo had to go off-script and be extra-cool for no reason. Then she hurries away, spooked, while Seung-pyo gets drunk in his empty restaurant. Still he remains unresponsive.

She shrinks back in her usual way, until someone taps her shoulder, then clears the way for her to step forward. After all, those moments of being in love with somebody are your happiest. Su-ah gathers to watch a magic show at the amusement park, but gets shoved around and pushed back.

Byung-hoon gets to the baseball field first and watches the team warming up, and gets passive-aggressive about throwing the ball back at the cheating ex. Not incriminating by themselves, but now this is pinging her suspicion-o-meter and she delves deeper, looking for casefiles. Apparently somebody sent Mi-jin an email to tip her off, which is certainly strange. Hurt, she asks if he did it to get rid of her, knowing how she felt about him. But something happened recently to make her change her mind and decide to buck up her courage.

Seung-pyo pauses to tell the Douchenozzle to bill him for the car repairs, then drives off like a cool mofo. He reaches for his Sherlock pendant, but it remains out of his reach. It also leaves behind his old watch, which she finds dropped on the ground. And so, Su-ah puts herself in their hands.

That, and he plays baseball with a team of college buddies and loooves his car. Byung-hoon adds that they got her revenge on her bastard ex, too.

Instead, he tells her she ought to fix it and return it the next time they meet. But he wants to follow her, of course, so off he goes. Byung-hoon orders her to repeat the process tomorrow, which, ha. Outside, of course, prepared to wait it out all night.

Not incriminating by themselves

She gives up and urges Seung-pyo not to kick up a fuss, so Seung-pyo shoots them a glare and joins her in the car. If she loses, she has to do something for him. Which is quite similar to what Seung-pyo said to Byung-hoon about his own relationship with his brother. Hence her dilemma about timing versus preparation. Seung-pyo checks with her, asking if she really wants to leave things like this, and she admits that she has a hard time talking back to this guy.

Then, she found that it was less difficult being feared than being ignored. Go next door to the agency right now. She wonders why would Byung-hoon have this. And so, I was always thankful to you, and I wanted to tell you how I felt. Working hard has become a habit.