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If he does, this will make for a very supportive relationship on both sides. And church members eagerly served as matrimonial agents. No Sex Before Marriage Baptists are known for their dedication to the church and also to their own physical temples, their bodies. When relationships develop, the parties involved must choose between their spiritual and social bonds. Monogamy Find someone who believes in monogamy.

You want to make sure that the person you are dating not only respects his own parents, but also your parents as well. Sex is the most important gift you give to your spouse after marriage and you shouldn't taint that gift with premarital sexual relations.

Also, the relationship will have the foundation of religion to build off of, and nothing is a better foundation than that. They need friends and companionship, too. If you don't want to open yourself to charges of sexual misconduct, then don't go gaga over someone to whom you serve Holy Communion. But the rules have changed. Steve Smith knows what it's like to have church members play matchmaker.

The truth works every time. But the year-old single pastor, also knows how to get out of a sticky situation. Worshipping the Lord and practicing in prayer together will create a bond that is incredibly strong. Smith, who serves a Lutheran church in Virginia, Minn. After all, pastors are human.

The truth works

Or it could mean that pastors might leave a congregation in order to date one of its members. The matchmaker's fantasy sizzles. The United Church of Christ in Minnesota has likewise drawn strict guidelines on dating and friendships. They can't have it both ways.