Shooting with this camera is a joy

Dating rolleiflex serial number

There will be brass shavings

Lastly, models with the optional meter installed are generally worth more than a non-metered camera, if the meter is working. These black variants are not common as most of them look like the two I have. This might sound intimidating, but if you take your time and keep track of all of the screws and parts, its not hard at all. Unless otherwise stated, camera finish is chrome.

To me there are three issues

Pricing was gathered from sales on photo. However, in the latter case, production switched from one model to the other and the appearance of continuity is given by the numbers based on a date code see below. Its best to utilize the serial to identify your exact model and variation within that model line. It would be fun to use for one roll, but then afterwards, it would probably sit on the shelf for an undetermined amount of time while I cycle through other cameras in my collection. This is a well built camera with a great lens and shutter, thats easy to use, and has a great viewfinder.

Do not use the full force of the compressed air as it can damage the shutter blades. Once you have cleaned off all the old lube, put the whole inner ring in a safe location for later. If you choose to drill holes, use the smallest drill bit you have. Normally however, if you can deal with the stiff focus, these cameras are usually still usable.

Of special note are the rare and expensive black paint bodies and military M's. Decoding Serial Numbers As noted above, the early cameras used consecutive number sequences, usually unique but not always. You know what this means another reason to have a Birthday party. You can do even more damage if you apply too much force to the shutter blades. Flush out the entire shutter using lighter fluid like you would on any other shutter.

Planar Rollei's typically sell for more than Xenotar fitted cameras. If the shutter blades were sticky or covered in oil when you acquired your camera, this will also clean that. Shooting with this camera is a joy.

To me, there are three issues which contribute to the difficulty with serial numbers. There will be brass shavings from your drilling in the shutter. This inner ring is also what controls the focus. In some cases notes were added and wording revised for clarity.