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Take full responsibility for your behavior Understand that abuse is a choice and that you can choose not to be abusive, no matter how you are feeling. Men control the heights of politics, economics, trade unions and religions. In the study, almost one-quarter of participants reported some violence in their relationships. Care is needed when using domestic violence statistics to ensure that both gender bias and under-reporting issues do not affect the inferences that are drawn from the statistics. However, violence is not inherent to human beings and it is not an inherently male trait.

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However, men tend to under-estimate their use of violence, while women tend to over-estimate their use of violence. However, don't restrain here, either, since, under current law in many states that is also seen as domestic violence and can hold a felony charge. You'll feel a lot better about yourself if you don't hit her.

He points out that most of the empirical studies that Fiebert reviewed used the same empirical measure of family conflict, i. But, the violence was learned and it can be unlearned.

Research based on reported domestic violence or on police records show men to be the perpetrators, and women the victims, of most reported domestic violence. Minor assaults perpetrated by women are also a major problem, even when they do not result in injury, because they put women in danger of much more severe retaliation by men. What I have to say is not meant to deny the responsibility men have in domestic violence, nor to suggest reducing any funding of women's programs.

Similarly, subtle forms of abuse can be quite transparent even as they set the stage for further abuse seeming normal. Unfortunately, we have found that even with the best intentions, men do not stop being abusive without outside assistance. The present analyses indicate that men are among those who are likely to be on the receiving end of acts of physical aggression.