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During that time, Leslie co-produced a record for Britney Spears. Ryan's family are avid practicing Christians. He developed the ability to recite music, as well as arrange chords to create songs. At an early age, Leslie taught himself how to play the piano. Ryan has lived in various states, cities, and countries.

Leslie insisted that he was going to pursue his musical interests for two years and if he didn't like it he would stop. He taught himself basic production skills and also developed a musical style of his own.

It goes directly to my account. He was accepted to all except for Yale. Mottola soon became a mentor of Leslie's and offered him a publishing deal with Aspen Songs and a recording contract with Casablanca, Mottola's imprint distributed by Universal Music Group. For the next several months, Leslie worked towards developing a distinct sound.

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Ryan later switched to piano because his overbite made it difficult to get proper embouchure on a brass instrument. The album was never officially released due to creative differences between Leslie and his record label. There is nobody taking their cut.

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