Hiern, who formed Park Island Inc

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For a time it was

Mayoral candi- dates empathize with workers At a wide-ranging forum Nov. John, the waterway that connected Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River and was crucial to the early development of the area. No need to bring your own hot sauce. The same goes for her council colleagues.

De Bore took over a large indigo plantation on land near what now is Audubon Park. He spent two decades cultivating indigo before entering the sugar trade. They then must make their case before the state Parole Board, which can authorize their release. Alabama, which banned mandatory juvenile life without parole. Luckily for her, voters remain so uninspired by both candidates that most appear to have barely noticed.

Louisiana, opening the door for sentencing reconsideration for Louisianans. The architecture of a number of homes on the island is astonishingly postwar modern. The Industries that Sustain the Status Quo. In other runoffs, we stand behind our earlier endorsement of incumbent Councilman James Gray in the District E race. Former Clinton staffers and many Democratic leaders dispute this.

The inaugural BarCentennial party features a wellness fair, tasting tables and a bartending competition judged by a panel that includes writer and musician Nicholas Payton. In June, the Legislature voted to eliminate life sentences for juveniles in new second-degree murder cases, but to allow prosecutors to seek it in new first-degree cases.

The final plan

For a time it was a hunting ground and home to a dairy and a city dump. The final plan is scheduled for release in December. All nominations must include a brief biographical sketch and the reasons you believe the person deserves recognition.

Local restaurants will provide food, and an auction will feature items including a meetand-greet with Better Than Ezra and a membership at the Contemporary Arts Center. We likewise make no recommendation in the runoff for state treasurer. Email entries to response gambitweekly. Nominations must be received by Monday, Dec. The council issued a unanimous written response to the issue on Nov.

Additional performers will be announced later. The home was owned by former Mayor C. John from City Park and accessible only from St. The New Orleanian of the Year will be announced in our issue of Jan.

In District B, where we supported Timothy David Ray in the primary, we make no runoff recommendation. Elected officials are not eligible. For those reasons, we stand by our endorsement of her. The fund would be a savings account that could be tapped only for specific reasons and only after a twothirds vote of the council.